Ben Kaiser, Owner and Principal

Ben is committed to mass timber construction and believes it is the future of sustainable development. He is an advocate for its efficient construction, environmentally responsible development, safety, and seismic resilience. His most recent project, Carbon12, is the tallest CLT building in the United States.

To bring Carbon12 to life, Ben successfully worked with state officials to waive the restrictive codes that limit the height of wood buildings. This singular accomplishment has made mid- to high-rise CLT buildings possible for the first time in this country. By building with mass timber, Ben hopes to help reinvigorate the Pacific Northwest’s timber economy and continue Portland’s reputation as a leader in American urban revitalization.

Ben brings a unique perspective to urban development, informed by over 20 years of serving as the owner, developer, architect, and general contractor on his projects. He was involved in the early stages of Portland’s Pearl District and has spearheaded redevelopment in NE Portland, including the Historic Mississippi District and the Williams/Vancouver corridor. Ben is a former member of the Portland Design Commission, and he earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Rhode Island School of Design.