Kaiser Group, Inc. is a development firm with over 20 years of experience in all phases of real estate development.

We help our clients navigate the myriad and complex issues involved in the design and construction of new structures for their business development, for an investment opportunity, or for building their own home.

We start with a client’s vision and budget, work next with land assessment and acquisition, then proceed with space planning and design considerations.  Paralleling these initial phases, we also serve the client by helping to secure funding resources, whether through private banking, institutional banking, and/or local and state resources.

A project’s original vision, its budget, and the funding resources are all imperative components in the design and construction of a new (or renovated) structure.  These three critical aspects all need to be consistently well-balanced by the assembled team to achieve a project’s successful completion.  Kaiser Group will create and maintain that balance.

For a project’s pro forma to be effectively created, all of the budgetary numbers involved in the project must be presented and aligned, from the original land purchase price to the resultant lease rates.  From the onset, the budget needs to be considered and accurate — when a project falls off track financially, a successful idea can quickly become a problem for the owners. Kaiser Group works from proven experience to manage the team and the budget, and to ensure each project adheres to its original vision.

Once a project is complete, we offer services to support our clients with leasing and sales of the property.  Our team has years of experience in both residential and commercial condominium sales as well as with leasing and management of residential and commercial spaces.  We have also assisted our clients in relocations, tenant improvements, and projects of varying scopes in between.

Kaiser Group’s goal is to work with you to determine just the right approach to your project, and then to take that approach and that foundation of client-firm relationship into all aspects of the project’s development and success.  Whether it’s new construction, a full-range renovation, or a smaller scale project, modernizing an outdated structure to fit new needs or codes, or developing an entirely new property with a unique vision and focus, our team is here to serve you with proven experience, steadfast dedication, and a passion for development.

Talk to us about the development and/or construction of your next project.


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