The Canyons

Portland, Oregon | Design: PATH Architecture, Inc. | Construction: R+H Construction Co.

The Canyons is a modern 70-unit senior housing concept that builds unique partnerships with local businesses, makes it easier for residents to age in place, and dramatically reduces living costs. Turning the traditional model of independent living facilities on its head, this innovative residence focuses on accessibility and barrier-free living. Saving the residents from the high costs of in-house services, such as dining and healthcare, nearby businesses will provide elderly care for them in close proximity to the building.

The Canyons’ modern and timeless architecture integrates a Japanese-style alley, leading the public to wander through a collection of 11 curated live/work spaces with storefronts. These spaces will include essential services for seniors, work spaces for artisans, and other small businesses.

This 110,000 SF mixed-use building will use engineered timber products, continuing the same sustainable and seismically resilient approach as its predecessors, The Radiator and Carbon12. CLT—a renewable structural building material—is a cutting-edge engineered wood product that represents the next revolution in the construction industry in the United States. Stronger than steel, lighter than concrete, and faster to assemble than any other structural system, the Canyons’ CLT wood structure locks away atmospheric carbon for the life of the building.

The project will break ground in Fall 2018. The expected completion is December 2019.