How We Do It

Tapping into timber’s full potential

We’re leading the movement to use cross-laminated timber (CLT) in a new crop of America’s tall buildings. And we’re starting in our own backyard: the Pacific Northwest.

CLT is renewable, durable, practical, fire-resistant, seismically resilient, and energy-efficient. It’s also just plain beautiful.

Designing for density

We think the way forward for the world’s cities is up, not out.

Building a dense urban core reduces energy consumption per person, decreases pollution caused by commuting, and creates more shared spaces where diverse, tight-knit communities can thrive.

Add mass transportation, advanced communication, and modernized mechanical technology, and you get the smarter, more efficient cities the future demands.

Creating an ecosystem of responsible development

We see mass timber, including CLT, as a catalyst for positive change on multiple fronts.

Increasing demand for wood infuses new energy into the Pacific Northwest’s once-booming timber industry. Harvesting wood for CLT thins small trees from our forests, giving wildfires less fuel to burn.

Processing CLT produces far fewer carbon emissions than steel or concrete. Building with wood traps the carbon naturally stored in a tree’s fibers, preventing it from being released into the atmosphere.

These are just a few of the reasons wood has emerged as a viable—and desirable—alternative to steel and concrete in developments around the world. We believe it has enormous potential to transform American cities, and we’re committed to leading the way.